WomanServants Will Let You Order Around Hot Girls For $125 Each Hour

WomanServants Will Let You Order Around Hot Girls For $125 Each Hour

Editor’s Note: Yesterday, we went a tale of a startup that is new ManServants, which facilitates the leasing of “hot men” for $125. Because so many of this commenters note, the ongoing solution is extremely sexist and has now no invest a society striving for sex equality.

To look at my ideas to the solution we took the initial post and swapped every example of the noun that is gendered. “Man” became “woman.” “Guy” became “girl.” “ManServants” became “WomanServants.” Names had been changed. As well as the whole tale become clearly sexist and obscene. Exactly why is it fine one of the ways rather than one other? Well, it is maybe maybe perhaps not. Woman or man, most of us have actually the right to be addressed as topics, maybe perhaps not items.

A 6’2?, sandy lady that is blond a tailored suit and connect gently bows to welcome and seat me personally. “Hello, I have always been Ginger and I also are your girl servant this afternoon,” she says. Her mild, hypnotic sound wraps around me personally. We instantly realize I’ve been seated and proceed to unintentionally knock my sunglasses from the dining table. Ginger quickly picks them up and then removes a hand fan to cool me down within the afternoon sun that is hot. “Fetch me personally some water?” We ask, getting my bearings. “As you wish,” Ginger replies by having a slight smirk.

I’m out in the patio during the Grove in San Francisco’s SoMa because of the two teenagers whom started WomanServants, a newly launched startup that lets you hire good-looking women to complete your bidding. (más…)

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